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Application and operation method of overhead wire and pay-off pulley in electric power construction


In modern society, electricity supply is an important basis for maintaining the normal operation of life and work. The power construction overhead line is an important link of power supply, which involves the layout, installation and maintenance of power lines. In this process, the use of pay-off pulley is essential.

First of all, let's take a look at power construction overhead lines. High-altitude cable erection refers to the work of laying high-voltage cables at a certain height above the ground through cable Bridges or steel towers and other facilities. This work requires professional power construction personnel, who need to perform precise operations in the high air to ensure the safety and stability of the cable.

In this process, pay-off pulley plays an important role. Pay-off pulley is a kind of equipment specially used for spreading power cable, mainly used for wellhead protection traction rope and cable. Its main role is to reduce the friction of the cable during the development process, prevent cable damage, and also improve the construction efficiency.

The use of pay-off pulley is as follows:

First, the cable is fixed to the pay-off pulley, and then the cable is pulled out by the traction equipment. When the cable is pulled out, the pay-off pulley will automatically turn to reduce the friction between the cable and the pulley. When all the cables are pulled out, the cable can be arranged to the required position by adjusting the position of the pay-off pulley.

In the process of high-altitude wiring in power construction, the following points need to be noted:

The first is to ensure the safety of the cable to avoid damage to the cable during the erection process;

The second is to ensure the stability of the cable to avoid sliding or breaking of the cable during use;

The third is to ensure the safety of construction personnel and avoid accidents when construction personnel work at height.

Power construction overhead wire is a very technical work, need professional power construction personnel to carry out. The pay-off pulley is an indispensable equipment in this work, and its use can greatly improve the construction efficiency and ensure the safety and stability of the cable. Therefore, the understanding and use of overhead wire and pay-off pulley for power construction is very important for power construction personnel.

In the future power construction, with the development of science and technology, we look forward to the emergence of more efficient, safe and convenient equipment to further improve the efficiency and quality of power construction and meet the social demand for electricity.

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