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Different types and uses of pay-off pulleys


In daily life, the application of pay-off pulley is more and more extensive.  So what exactly is a pay-off pulley?  How is it classified?

Pay-off pulley is divided into ground cable pulley, cable pulley, upturning pulley, nylon pulley, cable wire pay-off pulley, large diameter pay-off block, double-use pay-off block, ground pay-off block, lifting pulley.  Pay-off pulley is mainly used to protect the cable wire when laying, saving time and effort.  Among them, the ground cable block is mainly used to protect the cable from friction when the direction of the cable is changed.

Classification and corresponding uses of pay-off pulley:

According to the material, there are two kinds of aluminum wheel and MC nylon wheel, and the style is divided into tube type and plate type.

Large diameter pay-off block uses: used to lead single wire, double split wire, four split wire (the middle wheel can be cast steel wheel or nylon wheel) Features: suitable for tension pay-off.

Ground wire pay-off block: suitable for extending lightning rod or crossing steel strand, there are two kinds of steel and MC nylon.

Optical cable special block:

(1) OPGW composite ground cable or ADSS self-supporting cable is equipped with a small slot at the bottom of the wheel groove, specially manufactured for protecting the cable;

(2) The wheel is die-cast of MC nylon material, which will not damage the outer skin of the cable when it is set off.

According to the use of points, there are linear and corner type, pay-off pulley according to the different construction site is divided into flat type, bridge type, steel pipe frame.

There are many kinds of pay-off pulleys, not only different uses but also different shapes.  The Angle pay-off pulley is used when the cable wants to change direction or encounter an angular object.  The aluminum wheel is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the nylon wheel is made of pouring, the load is large, and the bearings are all made of Harbin bearings, which can fully reduce the friction between the pay-off pulley and the cable.  Save time for your construction.

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