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Transformation Across the Yangtze: Wuhan-Nanchang High-Voltage Power Line Soars to New Heights


On November 8th, at the construction site of the Wuhan-Nanchang Yangtze River Crossing Project, construction vehicles shuttle back and forth. Over 30 construction workers from Hubei Power Transmission Company are actively engaged in the process of stringing wires. They fasten their safety belts, inspect their safety gear, extend ropes, attach fall arresters, and slowly enter the elevator with their tools. In the busy Yangtze River, all boats remain quietly docked, awaiting the signal for passage.

At the site, Zhang Kai, the project manager of the construction project department, explained that the stringing process adopts tension stringing. Initially, a guiding rope is used to thread through the route, and then the power line is pulled across the river using this guiding rope. Traction force is applied on one side, and tension is applied on the other side, effectively avoiding the risk of the power line falling heavily to the ground during deployment, which could cause damage to roads and power lines. The total number of wire bundles is 62, making it the project with the highest number of wire bundles for crossing the Yangtze River in the country.

Crossing the busy Yangtze River presents high demands and difficulties. To ensure the smooth completion of the stringing project, the construction project department attached great importance to advanced planning. They obtained the necessary closure permits for the Yangtze River in advance, detailed the work at each time point and construction step, and invited an expert group for "online + offline" guidance throughout the process, significantly enhancing construction efficiency.

During the stringing phase, the limited construction time is from 8 am to 12 pm when the Yangtze River is off-limits to navigation. Within these four hours, the guiding rope and power line must be safely transported to the opposite bank of the river, ensuring that the power line remains at least 35 meters above the Yangtze River surface. With a tight schedule and heavy tasks, the project department relied on technological means and a refined control model to assist in the smooth progress of the construction. They innovatively designed a "curved lift with adjustable cabin angle" technology and, for the first time, used a self-developed inclined curved track elevator, reducing the time for construction personnel to climb to the work site by half, significantly improving work efficiency, and reducing the labor intensity of personnel working at heights.

Upon completion of the stringing, the two towers will be connected, and a power line will span from north to south, transforming the once formidable obstacle into an "energy passage."

It is reported that the Wuhan-Nanchang Yangtze River Crossing Project adopts a mixed-pressure four-circuit pole tower to cross the Yangtze River, making it the large-scale project with the most wire bundles for crossing the Yangtze River in China. The project's south bank is located in Huangxin County, Yangxin City, Hubei Province, and the north bank is located in Qizhou Town, Qichun County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. The span length is 1728 meters, and the height of the crossing tower is 325 meters, surpassing the Eiffel Tower by 1 meter.

The Wuhan-Nanchang High-Voltage AC Power Transmission Project's Yangtze River Crossing Project started construction on February 23 and has a construction period of 10 months, with completion expected by the end of 2023. Once completed, the project will further optimize the power grid structure in the central China region, enhance the inter-provincial power complementarity between Hubei and Jiangxi, and realize the multi-energy complementarity of "wind, light, water, and fire," serving as a true "highway" for electric power.

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